New music video for ‘Ghost Around’

This video was shot and edited on Walthamstow Marshes in one afternoon with the help of my neighbour Guy, who luckily didn’t really know what he was doing with my camera. I wanted it to be shaky and nicely out of focus in places to suit the mood of the song so this worked out perfectly.

It’s the first time I have ever edited a video before and my old PC was gently creaking under the strain… but I really enjoyed making it. A moment to remember was the park warden trying to get all passive aggressive on me about what I was up too… He soon gave up and went away after I told him I was taking my typewriter for a walk and asked if he wanted to help out.

This track is on my recently released 5th studio album ‘From The Ground Up’ which I really should tell more people about. Candy Parfitt is on backing vocals and I’m doing all the rest.