Spring tour with Emmy the Harp and Amy Bowles

I am excited, nervous and a whole host of other emotions, to announce that I will be out on the road doing some shows singing my songs in a few months time.

After a decade of largely focussing my artistic energies on Three Acres And A Cow, the time has finally ripened to return to live performance of my own songs. If the stars line up, I will also be releasing some new music to coincide with this.

Performing with me will be Emmy the Harp, playing harp and flute and Amy Bowles on guitars. They are both old friends and very talented musicians who I am very lucky to have working with me.

Wednesday 13th March
Cross Street Chapel in Manchester
with support from Gideon Conn

Thursday 14th March
The Carousel in Nottingham
with support from Tim Ralphs

Friday 15th March
Open Source Arts in Leeds
with support from Georgie Buchanan

Saturday 16th March
Upper Chapel in Sheffield
with support from Soup Review

Emmy the Harp

Amy Bowles