Let’s Lock Ourselves Here For A While

I had the pleasure of singing for Frack Free Lancashire and Reclaim The Power on Friday as part of a Three Acres And A Cow show. During the show, I had an excuse to teach people a song I wrote for Newham Woodcraft Folk group last year called ‘Let’s Lock Ourselves Here For A While‘. Here are the lyrics and a recording I made of it so anyone who wants to learn it can:


I’ve a hundred old bike locks and they won’t undo
Any idea who I could give them to?
It’s a nice sunny day in the countryside
Lets lock ourselves here for a while

So sorry Mr Big Truck what is that you say
Something quite cross about us being in your way
The birds are enjoying the day from the trees
Lets lock ourselves here for a while

No we ain’t going nowhere, let’s climb up the trees
Someone must stick up for the birds and the bees
The poor have no lawyers, the trees have no rights
Lets lock ourselves here for a while

Mr blue badge and truncheon is also upset
Doesn’t seem that grace has quite got to him yet
Filmed by a smart phone as he beats up Dave
who locked himself here for a while

They arrested our Caroline it made the lead news
One day the greens will out number the blues
Well in the meantime we’ll do what we must
Lets lock ourselves here for a while


Mr suit and tie construction has a seat in the Lords
Our tattered democracy just filed for divorce
One day the people will speak out as one
until then we’ll be locked here a while

The #fuckoffbacktoEton video is now live!

youtube – https://youtu.be/rKbLGBGWO0o
youtube censored – https://youtu.be/LmVa7X0qtuI
youtube media clean version – https://youtu.be/gdyQHhU1Op8

vimeo – https://vimeo.com/126783714
vimeo – https://vimeo.com/126783715

itunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/f**k-off-back-to-eton-single/id990963507?ls=1
spotify – http://open.spotify.com/album/5lCtMbWJklZFohBOc1jJ9F

Trouble with the authorities in Parliament Square

The launch yesterday got closed down pretty quickly by the authorities which is strange as people had been performing in the square with amplification all afternoon… First they banned me from teaching people the dance moves, then they said they would confiscate my ukulele, then they wanted to nab my laptop which I was using to show people the video…

We also did a little performance on Norwegian TV nation news which was fun – http://www.tv2.no/2015/05/04/nyheter/6882840

norwegian tv 2

norwegian tv 3

norwegian tv

‘Three Acres And A Cow’ spring shows

I have a lovely little gaggle of shows lined up performing ‘Three Acres And A Cow, A History Of Land Rights And Protest‘ with Rachel Rose Reid this spring.

I will also be doing sets of my own songs at ‘Fire In The Mountain’ and ‘Tandem’ festivals with Chance Kellner on violin and other musical friends.

20th March – Vineyard Church, Richmond
Rachel and Robin 1400http://threeacresandacow.co.uk/richmond

21st March – Embercombe, Exeter (w/ Lisa Schneidau)

25th March – Dangerous Ideas, Southampton

26th March – Cultivate Festival – Walthamstow, London

28th March – People’s History Museum, Manchester – daytime show

6th & 7th April – Ventnor Exchange – Isle of Wight – tickets not online yet

9th May – Forest Row Village Hall, East Sussex – tickets not online yet

30th May – Fire In The Mountain festival – near Aberystwyth, Wales
http://www.twoforjoy.co.uk/fire-in-the-mountain – tickets are nearly sold out so be quick

20th June – Tandem Festival, Oxfordshirehttp://tandemfestival.com/