Strangers With Shoes (2009)

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released December 1, 2009

The difficult second album, made in my first studio before it was knocked down for luxury flats.

‘Shakes & Shudders’ was written and recorded in a couple of hours, which has to be my most immediately realised bit of co-creativity ever, with Beth’s touch on the guitar so understated yet complete. I still hope this track will be used by Zack Braff on a film soundtrack someday.

Working with the musicians on ‘Ninety Days’ was another highlight. Tom Fry is one of my musical idols and having him come to record double bass for me was a dream. Joe and Ben also turned out takes on drums and keys that I simply adore.

I had been doing a lot of songwriting and recording with Madelaine Hart during this period. I love her voice so much that I had to include her somewhere on this album.

If you listen carefully you might hear Ruth Theodore adding some vocals somewhere on the album, but she didn’t want to be credited for them!

The Musicians

All songs by Robin Grey except
‘Younger Looking Skin’ words by Robin Grey,
music by Robin Grey, Barbara Bartz and Iain MacLeod.
‘Montreal’ by Laurence Williams.
‘Shakes & Shudders’ words by Robin Grey,
music by Robin Grey and Beth Dariti.

Recorded by Robin Grey at The Blue Door.
Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Flow Mastering.
Additional Engineering on ‘Till Dawn’ and ‘Ninety Days’
by Marc Specter at Sandy Lodge Studio.
Mixed by Thomas Heister at Flesh & Bone Studios
except tracks 1,2, 6 & 7 mixed by Robin Grey.

Robin Grey – vocals, guitars, ukulele, electric bass and percussion with:

Iain Macleod – banjo on ‘Younger Looking Skin’,
‘Montreal’ and bass on ‘Roses From Africa’
Ben Oliver – rhodes on ‘Till Dawn’ and ‘Ninety Days’, piano on ‘Roses From Africa’
Joe Allen – percussion on ‘Younger Looking Skin’, ‘Till Dawn’ and ‘Ninety Days’
Barbara Bartz – accordion and violin on ‘Younger Looking Skin’
violin on ‘Montreal’, ‘The Suitors Ballyhoo’ and ‘Roses From Africa’
Tom Pie – double bass on ‘Ninety Days’
Poppy Villiers-Stuart – flute on ‘Till Dawn’
Madelaine Hart – backing vocals on ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’
Beth Dariti – guitar and backing vocals on ‘Shakes & Shudders’
Victoria Couper – backing vocals on ‘Roses From Africa’

Front cover by Lynda Laird.