la gare d’austerlitz

my words fall flat and clumsy,
my pen scratches the page.

school-boy rhymes collide with stunted haikus,
scattered amongst extinct to-do lists,
and piled up under a burden of exile, expectation and exhaustion.

on four hours sleep, in le gare d’austerlitz,
i let down my guard and fall in love.

the lady with red trousers and a violin sits down next to me
unaware that we are married and expecting a son called claude.
we exchange smiles and i put hers in my pocket as she gets on the train.

at the toilet i urinate next to a boy with a machine gun.
somewhere between platforms 18 and 10, after passing
a hairy man scraping chewing gum from the concourse,
i fall in love with paris too for good measure and remember
that i need to buy some nail-clippers when i get to orleans.

the suitor’s ballyhoo

Tell me do you see me as you close your eyes at night;
Painted on your eyelids as you’re turning out the light?
Your voice spins in my mind – it’s been wearing through the grooves.
We’ve been intimately distant and I still don’t get the rules.

I want you, girl

Last week I wrote a letter now I’m rereading it through.
I wasted all those fancy words – I just meant “I love you”.
So forgive my confusion, dear, won’t you understand,
That sometimes knowing what to say slips right out of my hands.

I’ve never met a mind so fancy free as yours before,
I was busy at the books, while you were danced by the door.
And somewhere in the middle there is love and common ground,
So I sweep away the leaves and we can keep dancing about.

I lie here playing out the scene a hundred million times,
What you will be wearing and the beauty in your eyes.
There’s no time like the present so I’m reaching for the phone
But you’ve never cared for mornings and there’s places I should go

The horses left with elvis and they rode into the sun,
Two dots on the horizon, strained my eyes and they were gone.
It’s been a torrid day, I’ve been waiting for your call
Sometimes I more than wonder if you care for me at all,

As I walk on Church Street the last light fades away
It’s getting darker early now and winters on the way.
Something’s gotten missing, the puzzle is upside down.
The Guinness didn’t clear my head it just brought on the clouds.

The moon it whispered in my ear and kept me from my dreams.
The silhouettes around my room are never what they seem.
‘You and me’ or ‘me and you’ said either way around,
Would surely make such sense in this cold unforgiving town.

I love you, girl.


Winter sun on two cold feet.
First light of the day finds me here.
Leaves are falling from the trees.
Make my way down Amhurst Road
With my routine.

I have been a fool over you.
I have been a fool over you
My oh my, my oh my

The wise man built his house on the solid rock.
Easier said than done, easier said than done.

When it comes watch out, don’t lose your feet.
Easier said than done, easier said than done.

I have been a fool over you.
I have been a fool over you
My oh my, my oh my

I wonder how you are, I wonder how you’ve been.
Is it working out how you hoped it would?

I have been a fool over you.
I have been a fool over you
My oh my, my oh my

swan song

Why do I stand here getting burnt
By the embers of this dying dream,
When all around day it is breaking
And the fire didn’t help me to sleep.

Maybe it’s time for our swan song
Or a pheonix to rise from the deep,
Maybe it’s time that your skin and it’s charms
Are consigned to the pocket full of memories I keep.

Memories which come out on a rainy day
And remind me that I have lived;
I worked pretty hard to arrive at this day
And still feel I have love to give.

I could toss one more branch to the fire –
My skin it still craves for the heat
But I heard someone sing that a moth never knows
That the bright burning candle won’t make it complete

And will the angels be watching
If I head one time to the flames?
Up late at night, cloaked by the stars,
Chasing the flickering silhouette of your frame.

Today I washed both my eyelids
And talked with the mice and the moon.
Tonight we’re entwined together in my mind –
I wonder do you think of me too?

Maybe it’s time for a swan song
Or a pheonix to rise from the deep,
Perhaps with a smile I could bid you farewell
Then we’ll head different ways down the street.

every waking hour

So here is confusion now;
I didn’t mean to invite him here
And now he just won’t leave.

But we’ve been here time before
And once again we will do battle in
The corners of my mind

And every waking hour I think of you.

Wave the flag, I will hear him out
‘Cos he’s got a lot to say
And I know that I ought to listen more.

And it’s been a week of weeks
‘Cos I have been patching up my heart again
With these autumn leaves

And every waking hour I think of you.

The wind dances round outside,
The leaves do an autumn waltz
And winter is now snapping at our heels.

My heart it is blown about –
I cannot find a place to keep it safe from harm

And every waking hour I think of you

So here is confusion now;
I didn’t mean to invite him here
But as a friend he leaves.

And with him may go some dreams,
Something’s I may never say,
And some feelings that I may not feel again,

But every waking hour I think of you.