the suitor’s ballyhoo

Tell me do you see me as you close your eyes at night;
Painted on your eyelids as you’re turning out the light?
Your voice spins in my mind – it’s been wearing through the grooves.
We’ve been intimately distant and I still don’t get the rules.

I want you, girl

Last week I wrote a letter now I’m rereading it through.
I wasted all those fancy words – I just meant “I love you”.
So forgive my confusion, dear, won’t you understand,
That sometimes knowing what to say slips right out of my hands.

I’ve never met a mind so fancy free as yours before,
I was busy at the books, while you were danced by the door.
And somewhere in the middle there is love and common ground,
So I sweep away the leaves and we can keep dancing about.

I lie here playing out the scene a hundred million times,
What you will be wearing and the beauty in your eyes.
There’s no time like the present so I’m reaching for the phone
But you’ve never cared for mornings and there’s places I should go

The horses left with elvis and they rode into the sun,
Two dots on the horizon, strained my eyes and they were gone.
It’s been a torrid day, I’ve been waiting for your call
Sometimes I more than wonder if you care for me at all,

As I walk on Church Street the last light fades away
It’s getting darker early now and winters on the way.
Something’s gotten missing, the puzzle is upside down.
The Guinness didn’t clear my head it just brought on the clouds.

The moon it whispered in my ear and kept me from my dreams.
The silhouettes around my room are never what they seem.
‘You and me’ or ‘me and you’ said either way around,
Would surely make such sense in this cold unforgiving town.

I love you, girl.