only the missile

The punches come fast and I fall in the ring.
All I can do now is laugh, cry, or sing.
I’ll tell you the story and a couple of things
That have been running in rings round my mind

It was one of those days when the lights all turn red
And the pills just won’t clear all the pain from your head
You wish that you hadn’t of got out of bed
‘Cos the shit sure is flying your way

Second hand news at an unwelcome time,
Your brain’s clogging up
Soon you’re losing your mind
You’re wondering if fate could be any less kind
When she suddenly twists the knife in.

The moment it passed with the help of a friend,
A couple of strangers and this song that I penned.
My hearts is in tact and my minds on the mend.
I don’t plan to do that again.

The sun’s given up on this god awful day
And my pain with the light is now fading away.
Somewhere in Kilburn I silently play
An ode to the tracks of my tears.

A jack in the box I come springing right back,
I pull on these strings for my counter attack
Today I feel sure I can take any flak
The world might be sending my way.

So give me your hopes and then tell me your fears
And leave all the rest in a pile over there
They’ll fit like a dream with these chords I have dear
As I dance in a dream round this town.


Women on my women mind all the women time
Women fucking women hell
Think about women something else
Like the women work I need to women do.

Or my women family or need my women support right women now
Or the women dirt that’s gathering women up there on the shelf.
But it’s not that women simple women no.

Money on my money mind all the money time
money fucking money hell
Think about money something else
Like the money work I need to money do.

Or my money family or need my money support right money now
Or the money dirt that’s gathering money up there on the shelf.
But it’s not that money simple money no.

And it’s money women, women, money,
money, money, women, women, women on my mind!

And it’s money women, women, money,
money, money, women, women, women all the time!

And it’s money women, women, money,
money, money, women, women, women on my mind!

I can’t get money women women money out of my head!

the finchley waltz

I daydreamed for hours in the traffic jam
As the good guys and the bad guys stopped play.
On the radio politicians dutifully opine
Which liberties they’re taking away.

“Please sir, have you seen me innocence?
It was hanging up there on my door.
And sure it was looking quite tattered
But I had things I was keeping it for.”

Guess I’ve seen too many movies
I believe in love at first sight.
My heart just slammed into a beautiful brick wall
She’s keeping me up late at night.

Maybe I spent too much time dreaming
When I could have been joining in.
Pulling the hair of the pig-tailed girl
Was wrong but it wasn’t a sin.

I got lost on the way out of London
Listening to Leonard Cohen’s words.
Diverted by police chasing angry young men,
Who’ll die just so they get heard.

There’s something about this fine city
That will always bring a tear to my eye.
I guess I left most of my innocence here,
I can’t say I remember why.

I need to go buy me some new clothes;
The famous blue raincoats worn through.
A last thought as I finally hit open road,
London fades in the rear-view.

This song it’s just for you and I,
And any other dreamers around
Who know how it feels to be back on the road
Without knowing quite where they’re bound.

Although I’ve seen too many movies,
I know now that you’re not the one.
‘Cos something you said just got stuck in my head
For a moment and then it was gone.

The night was a womb to my headlights;
The horizon a mirror to me soul.
I sing to the silence and the darkness around
‘Till I finally made my way home.

every waking hour

So here is confusion now;
I didn’t mean to invite him here
And now he just won’t leave.

But we’ve been here time before
And once again we will do battle in
The corners of my mind

And every waking hour I think of you.

Wave the flag, I will hear him out
‘Cos he’s got a lot to say
And I know that I ought to listen more.

And it’s been a week of weeks
‘Cos I have been patching up my heart again
With these autumn leaves

And every waking hour I think of you.

The wind dances round outside,
The leaves do an autumn waltz
And winter is now snapping at our heels.

My heart it is blown about –
I cannot find a place to keep it safe from harm

And every waking hour I think of you

So here is confusion now;
I didn’t mean to invite him here
But as a friend he leaves.

And with him may go some dreams,
Something’s I may never say,
And some feelings that I may not feel again,

But every waking hour I think of you.

these days

This morning I woke, restless and heady,
with blood pulsing fierce in the vein.
There’s light on a line, this morning and maybe forever,
I move with regard for the signs.

You know I search my heart to prove
there’s better ways to push and pull,
but hey whatever gets you through these days.

And somewhere to the east the sun is stirring,
starting to light up the sky,
and I’m lying here reliving the last few days
cos I missed most of them the first time.


Did I disappoint you? Leave a bad taste in your mouth?
I thought that we could. I thought that we would.
I was mistaken.

Chorus (quiet)

Chorus (full)

Outro climax then fall apart