only the missile

The punches come fast and I fall in the ring.
All I can do now is laugh, cry, or sing.
I’ll tell you the story and a couple of things
That have been running in rings round my mind

It was one of those days when the lights all turn red
And the pills just won’t clear all the pain from your head
You wish that you hadn’t of got out of bed
‘Cos the shit sure is flying your way

Second hand news at an unwelcome time,
Your brain’s clogging up
Soon you’re losing your mind
You’re wondering if fate could be any less kind
When she suddenly twists the knife in.

The moment it passed with the help of a friend,
A couple of strangers and this song that I penned.
My hearts is in tact and my minds on the mend.
I don’t plan to do that again.

The sun’s given up on this god awful day
And my pain with the light is now fading away.
Somewhere in Kilburn I silently play
An ode to the tracks of my tears.

A jack in the box I come springing right back,
I pull on these strings for my counter attack
Today I feel sure I can take any flak
The world might be sending my way.

So give me your hopes and then tell me your fears
And leave all the rest in a pile over there
They’ll fit like a dream with these chords I have dear
As I dance in a dream round this town.