Barbara Bartz and Robin Grey by the village noticeboard in Kelvedon

On friday I had the best gig of my life, hands down. Nice to know after all these years and all these venues there are still gems to be discovered.

The venue is called The Institute and is in a old village in Essex called Kelvedon. The website can be found here –

Barbara and I were supporting Dan Raza, who incidentally got his first gig at the venue when I had to pull out due to illness last summer. He rocked their world so much they invited him back to headline with me as support.

Thanks to Matt Hill AKA quiet loner for the black and white photo below.

Barbara Bartz and Robin Grey onstage at The Institute, Kelvedon

betsey trotwood gig

Greg, an excellent promoter who runs ‘The Basket Club’ at The Windmill in Brixton, has started a new live music night north of the river at the excellent and cosy Betsey Trotwood – happy days.

Christened ‘The Snake Mountain Review’, I will be playing this coming tuesday 11th november, sharing a stage with Dan Raza and More Story Fours, both of whom I love and are great live…