forest records birthday compilation

I love The Forest. A lot. A lot a lot.

On a number of occasions over the last ten years ago being able to go and hide there whilst freaking out in Edinburgh during the festival has kept me on the rails; and it still makes the best veggie/vegan burrito I have tasted.

It has grown a lot over the last ten years; once a small cafe tucked away off the Grassmarket, it is now occupies pretty big premises just by the student union and is a hub of all things I cherish. I have had the privilege of playing there many times as bassist with The Jonny Berliner Band, performed solo once and recently took my lovely band there.

I am truly honoured to have a track on it’s tenth birthday compilation ‘forest-records-presents-x’ and over the moon that they have chosen ‘Roses From Africa’.

More info here – or have a listen below:

the last show of the year

I have my last show of the year this thursday at Iktoms in Camden – my twelfth performance in two years for the brilliant Kevin Molloy. There will be music, lego, banjo, sweets, violin and colouring pens and pencils as well as a secret guest whose name cannot be advertised due to another high profile show… what what.

Thursday, November 20 from 8:30pm
The Liberties Bar, 100 Camden High Street, Camden, London, NW1 0LU

After this show I am going into a cave to plot my next album which currently looks like it might be recorded in a farm house in Tuscany next easter if I am a good boy.

Kevin put together compilation cd of iktoms artists recently which featured ‘The Finchley Waltz’ – I am not sure how you can get hold of one but I am sure if you poke him on thursday he will have some on him – it is a great listen, featuring loads of my favourite artists.