canary wharf g8 protest

I was sent this lovely photo from the gig I did at Canary Wharf during the G8 protest there last Friday 14th June.

It is the first time I have had the privilege of speaking and singing at a protest and it was an amazing experience. I taught a few songs about equality and challenging unjust laws including Sydney Carter’s song ‘John Ball’ and ‘The Manchester Rambler’ by Ewan MacColl.

Community work I do in Hackney involves me working with the police so it felt sad and strange to be surrounded by them trying to look as intimidating as they possibly can.

Many of the rights that we take for granted now such as the right to vote, the right to roam, the NHS and many others were won by people taking to the streets and I would encourage you to attend a rally or protest if you can, so many brilliant and inspiring minds attend them, not at all the masked hoards of hooded vandals and wrong-doers that the media and government want you to believe. It is important that we find our voices before we lose much of what our forefathers won for us.

I was on after UK Uncut, a grassroots movement taking action to highlight alternatives to the government’s spending cuts and just before Pete The Temp, a musician and poet who really knows how to get a crowd going. Both of them are brilliant and deserve your attention.

folk weekend oxford programme

It is not often i get to be the cover boy for anything… well not since the Hackney Citizen put my mug on the front page…

You get five points if you can spot me in the picture to the left. They have kindly said they will post a copy to my Gran which should tickle her pink!

…anyways, here are the gig details again in case you missed them:

I will be playing with Tim Graham and Katie Stone Lonergan on Sunday 21st April at Cafe 1071 at 3pm.

Cafe 1071, 45 Oxford Castle, Oxford, OX1 1AY

visitors from france

Ok, so it is not the most flattering photo of any of us but…

…this couple travelled from a small town in northern France just to watch me play with Barbara Bartz and Candy Parfitt last Sunday at The Southbank Centre.

A week on, I am still find this totally humbling and also a little exciting.

Thank you Thibault and Claudia