golden hour ‘infused and bemused’ tour

Ok, so in a couple of weeks time I am going to be touring around the south of England in the van pictured below with my brilliant poet genius of a friend Ryan Van Winkle and some other joyous people such as Garance Louis.

I am joining the bus from Leeds.

This is all in the name of some ‘Gorilla Perfume‘ mischief organised by Lush who make ethical cosmetics and whose soap I often used before I moved onto a boat, became a smelly hippy and generally stopped washing (too much information, ed.)

No idea what exactly I have let myself in for but we are going to be doing loads of gigs in venues around the country and in the tiny van below… and I genuinely approve of Lush a company and always say yes to anything Ryan asks me to do (do you really mean that? ed.)