Transforming Our Food System – Hawkwood – Chingford, Essex – 08/07/12

I am performing at the end of the day on Sunday 8th July at the below event.

A two day event, ‘Transforming Our Food System’ will be held next month in London on 8th an 9th July.

This is organised by the UK Food Sovereignty Platform and aims to bring together farmers, community food growers, NGOs and food activists to talk and plan for building a movement for food sovereignty in the UK. More information, including the registration form is at:

The impetus for this event comes from the Nyéléni Europe meeting last summer ( which developed a call to action around:
– changing how food is produced and consumed
– changing how food is distributed
– valuing & improving work and social conditions in food & agriculture systems
– reclaiming the right to our Commons
– changing public policies governing our food & agricultural systems

At present the agenda for the event is still very flexible and the organisers will be asking those planning to come to the event for input to shape the final discussion, so that there is a chance for everyone to contribute ideas from the vast range of amazing work being done by so many groups already to build a better food system in the UK. So if you have suggestions and thoughts, please be in touch, and register for the event ( ).

There is a small charge for the event (£20 individual / £30 organisation – but if this is a problem let us know) which covers food and campsite accommodation. Bursaries are available to contribute to travel costs.

We encourage you to register soon if you are interesting in coming as places will fill up.