edinburgh fringe festival residency

The Pleasance Theatre in Islington have just invited me to Edinburgh during the fringe festival for a lunchtime folk residency.

Barbara and Jane will be joining me on accordion and violin; we will be playing at 1.45pm in The Pleasance Courtyard from 22nd-25th August.

You can buy tickets from here – http://www.pleasance.co.uk/edinburgh/events/robin-grey.

Other Edinburgh evening gigs to follow… if anyone has any leads do get in touch!

save the duke of uke

I have spent some lovely hours at The Duke Of Uke and sent many many of my ukulele students there to buy their first ukes.

Ironically the area around the shop has become more and more trendy, probably down to the shop as much as anything and now they are being evicted.

Which means that now is an even better time than usual to support them. Buy a T-Shirt, a uke or send them a donation here. Or visit them and give Matthew a hug from me.

Click here – http://www.dukeofuke.co.uk/news/?page_id=164

mariam’s cake

I just had a request from a fella in Venezuela for the lyrics to Mariam’s Cake so I thought I might pop them up here for one and all…


Meadowlark, shouldn’t you fly somewhere warmer, my dear?
Let’s go outside holding hands.
Meadowlark, you know this is my favourite time of the year.
Let’s go outside holding hands.

Enter the day, I just arrived so I’ll take my time.
Hour by hour we see that there is no hurry, we take our time.

Meadowlark, I checked in the book and it’s not what it seems.
Let’s go outside holding hands.
Hey what’s up trees? Who gave your orders to drop all those leaves?
Well I you must, I suppose.

Ever since the day we fell up to stand down, there were mice in the aisles dressed in frocks and in gowns.
I won’t tell you its likely, you won’t tell me the news so we stand here in the dirt getting puddles in our shoes
Wondering why.

You call the number and I count the cost but although we’re a good team something has been lost
‘Cause it’s not been the same since the mice moved upstairs,
dreams of Mariam’s cake go down well with sancerre… Wondering why?