a quick round up – radio and reviews

A lovely recent review of ‘strangers with shoes’ here – http://commonfolkmeadow.wordpress.com/.

BBS radio in California have selected a few of my tunes in a recent playlist – http://bbsradio.com/ as have ‘Baie des anges’ in France – http://baiedesangesradio.eg2.fr/ – as has ‘The social media podcast’ in Austrailia – http://socialmediapod.squarespace.com/ and there was a podcast from Germany too but I’ll be buggered if I can remember what it was!

Lastly a big shout out to ‘Fresh Air‘, the Edinburgh student radio station for being the first UK station to playlist me. Happy days and good luck with your dissertation Chris!

amazing grace

Ukulele lessons can be so much fun… worth noting that John was convinced he was never going to be able to play when he had his first lesson nearly a year ago now.

It is so distressing how many people have that silly ‘i can’t play music’ voice stuck permanently in their heads and so much fun helping them to overpower it.