e.p. review from the states

A lady who goes by the name of ‘Tart’ has written a nice review of my e.p. on the blog:

I Correct Myself, I Mean All The Time

“Well, my weekend was brightened by an email from a wonderful musician who tracked me down from a comment over on Matthew’s ‘Song By Toad’ blog. Robin inquired as to my whereabouts to send a cd and being as I am already swooning over his chocolatey smooth voice and gorgeous folksy tunes, I guess I’ll begrudgingly share him with you.

His cover of Kirsty MacColl’s ‘There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’ is wonderful. When I first heard Kirsty’s song, sung by her, I wasn’t a great fan of it. The twangy, country style threw me and I didn’t listen for the words and catch the meaning. The title just seemed funny and as a new listener to her work, I thought, “oh those silly Brits!”. Of course when you listen to the words you realize it’s a sad, might-I-lose-love? song. And it sometimes takes a good cover to get you to really hear a song, ya know? Now I hear our lovely Kirsty sing it and I get it. So thanks Robin, and I adore your version too.”

from http://www.euphonioushabitus.net/blog/