new e.p. launched

I am happy to announce my new cd is out and can be bought and/or downloaded from this site.

Robin Grey – I Love Leonard Cohen – modvan008

1 – I Love Leonard Cohen
2 – Before The Apple Falls
3 – The Winter Blues
4 – Shakes And Shudders
5 – Chip Shop


betsey trotwood gig

Greg, an excellent promoter who runs ‘The Basket Club’ at The Windmill in Brixton, has started a new live music night north of the river at the excellent and cosy Betsey Trotwood – happy days.

Christened ‘The Snake Mountain Review’, I will be playing this coming tuesday 11th november, sharing a stage with Dan Raza and More Story Fours, both of whom I love and are great live…

recording with dean firth

I have just spent a lovely day with Dean Firth recording a new tune called ‘Make Believe (Roses From Africa)’.

Dean did the final mix of my album back in January. He is an amazing musician, engineer and producer who I am very happy to be working with again.

Dean played classical guitar on the track as well as pointing microphones and looking after EQ, mixing and other dark sound engineering arts which baffle me…