song by toad e.p. review

Matthew, aka Mr Song By Toad, has written some lovely things about my recent e.p. on his blog. I know some of you already read it but if you haven’t yet, have a look, it’s a gem.

“Robin is, I suspect, not the only one (who loves Leonard Cohen – ed).

I really liked his recent album Only the Missile and this appears to a rather lovely little inbetweeny EP. There’s a gorgeous atmosphere to Robin’s stuff that I can’t quite put my finger on. He has a deep, reassuring voice and a calming, unhurried delivery which seems to bring a familiar ease to his sound.

Add a splash of female backing vocals and what was simply really nice becomes bloody gorgeous. The title track is a lovely reminiscence on the transience of music taste, and the pleasant self-indulgence of nostalgia. The cover of the superb Kirsty MacColl song There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis is as good as the original, in an odd way. And then there’s Shakes & Shudders. Christ this is lovely. If I’ve heard a more intimate, weary song in ages I couldn’t name it: just fucking gorgeous.”

You can download it here and buy it here

the last show of the year

I have my last show of the year this thursday at Iktoms in Camden – my twelfth performance in two years for the brilliant Kevin Molloy. There will be music, lego, banjo, sweets, violin and colouring pens and pencils as well as a secret guest whose name cannot be advertised due to another high profile show… what what.

Thursday, November 20 from 8:30pm
The Liberties Bar, 100 Camden High Street, Camden, London, NW1 0LU

After this show I am going into a cave to plot my next album which currently looks like it might be recorded in a farm house in Tuscany next easter if I am a good boy.

Kevin put together compilation cd of iktoms artists recently which featured ‘The Finchley Waltz’ – I am not sure how you can get hold of one but I am sure if you poke him on thursday he will have some on him – it is a great listen, featuring loads of my favourite artists.

some new reviews

I’ve had a little flurry of reviews in the last week. Anyone up for translating the russian one?!

L’oreille En F’eu!

Toujours hier soir, j’ai fait la rencontre de ROBIN GREY et de son album “Only The Missile”. Encore de la folk music, peut être moins mélancolique , mais tout aussi passionante. Des bribes d’histoires qui évoque Nick Drake ou parfois Leonard Cohen.

Sur le titre “Somewhere”, ROBIN GREY est accompagné de la délicieuse Ruth Theodore, dont je vous conseille absolument son album “Worm Food”, qui lui aussi, est à télécharger sur Jamendo!

J’s Live Journal

Стиль: сонграйтерский фолк.

В качестве образца для подражания Робин выбрал настоящие иконы фолка, но иконы специфические, которые и с “настоящим” фолком-то обычно не связывают – в первую очередь, Леонарда Коэна и Эни диФранко. По большому счету, если бы этот альбом попался мне среди “платников”, он вряд ли попал бы в “альбомы года”, но заметным явлением стал бы наверняка – что уж говорить о “бесплатниках”, среди которых работы подобного качества попадаются крайне редко – причем здесь стоит отметить как самого Робина, сыгравшего на многочисленных струнных, клавишных и ударных инструментах, но и о его приглашенных на одну-две песни соратниках: молодцы все.


Free Albums Galore

Robin Grey’s debut album ‘Only The Missile’ will please those music fans who like British folk rock hovering between the lyrical, the traditional and the confessional.

His style reminds me very much of Nick Drake or Robyn Hitchcock, but the songs have the masterful pathos of Leonard Cohen. There’s a sound of regret on the best tracks such as the wistful “Swan Song”. “Five” and “Every Waking Hour” are two other exceptional songs that are mid-tempo and melancholy.

“Somewhere” includes background vocals by one of my new favorite singers Ruth Theodore. Robin Grey is another excellent singer / songwriter that should enjoy a fruitful future with a little help from the music gods.

Radio Watford

“this is the fifteenth time we have played Robin’s music… very original, superb lyricist”

betsey trotwood photos

Last nights show, The Snake Mountain Review, at The Betsey Trotwood was awesome – Greg sure knows how to put on a good night. The other acts were awesome and he has booked my favourite band, This Is The Kit, for the next show in two weeks time.

The night is going weekly in 2009… Happy days.

I took down my camera and passed it around – here are some of the shots, the rest are on my flickr photostream.