thoughts about tomorrow

I woke this morning in stillness and in silence
To the sound of birds singing in the trees.
I lie in this bed, rest a tired and weary soul,
And a heart that is longing for some peace.

I call on my emotions to end this futile war,
Which has been raging in my mind for far too long.
So I’ll sit & write, I’ll sing & play, I’ll laugh and eat and drink,
And leave all thoughts about tomorrow until then.

I sit here naked as I play on my guitar
There is no one round for miles and miles to see.
Greet a horizon which is free from brick and mortar,
And I know this is a better place to be.

You tell me that you’ll write and I’m excited by the thought of
Receiving anything that you might send.
But I’m not penning you into the future quite just yet,
And I’ll leave thoughts about tomorrow until then

I have found catharsis in the eye of a storm
And I felt love although it may have been a dream.
I stumbled over more than a dozen wicked words
In an effort to find out what it means.

The wind is blowing symphonies to the drainpipes outside
They keep asking me “How, where, and when?”
I have just decided to play the counterfeit
And leave thoughts about tomorrow until then

The sun is riding high in a deep blue summer sky,
Watching me from high above the clouds.
I can hear him now, as he sings with me aloud,
I know this is not where our road ends.

Somewhere up north, maybe two hundred miles away,
You’re waking up next to another man.
There’s no second-guessing these matters of the heart,
So I’ll leave thoughts about tomorrow until then.