I keep on breathing and the seasons they turn.
The light bid me farewell, linging last on a girl.
So make me a list of the things that you need –
A lifetime of memories captured in stereo.

Somehow, somewhere, somehow, somewhere

Now we reflect on the things that we’ve been
And I dot the i’s and hope you will cross all the t’s.
Sharing our stories and daring to dream.
If fortune favours the fire that burns inside (then)

Somehow, somewhere, somehow, somewhere

I’ve been too tongue tide to say how I tried to be.
No time now, perhaps this is just a dream.
If I cry these tears will be so hard
fought that it could mean that maybe i’d go

Somewhere, somehow, somewhere, somehow…

If there’s no finish line what’s with the speed?
The joker he took all the first borns and taught them to ski.

Somewhere, somehow