Hitting the 5m streams mark on Jamendo

In November of 2008, I uploaded a collection of recordings to a website called Jamendo. Back then it was a myspace-type music social networking site for people who released music using creative commons licenses.

It was peak Napster and some bands were trying to sue fans who shared their music online. Embracing creative commons licenses felt like an appropriate response to this.

I uploaded my music to lots of websites back then, many which have since sunk without a trace, in the belief that some might survive and if my music was any good, someone might listen to it.

Last month I passed 5m streams on Jamendo. I have no idea who most of those listeners are; all I can say for sure, is that it’s not just my mum who listens to my music anymore. Thank you if you are one of those people.

New website is now live

I had just a very geeky 24hrs giving my website a revamp… The old one was over six years old and was pretty hard work on tablets and phones. Have a look around my new virtual home and let me know what you think!

my music is now on iLicenseMusic

I have always had a lot of time for John Buckman, the man behind Magnatune so I am really happy to be getting involved in his newest venture, iLicenseMusic.

You can see my page on the site here – http://ilicensemusic.com/g/Alt%20Rock/Robin%20Grey …and yes, of course I am ‘alt-rock’ …how dare you suggest otherwise!

iLicenseMusic provides royalty free music can be reuse and distribute in pretty much any project. A £89 monthly fee gives complete access to the entire catalog, which seems like a good deal to me and John always makes sure a good chunk of that money gets to the creators and musicians.