Trouble with the authorities in Parliament Square

The launch yesterday got closed down pretty quickly by the authorities which is strange as people had been performing in the square with amplification all afternoon… First they banned me from teaching people the dance moves, then they said they would confiscate my ukulele, then they wanted to nab my laptop which I was using to show people the video…

We also did a little performance on Norwegian TV nation news which was fun –

norwegian tv 2

norwegian tv 3

norwegian tv

#fuckoffbacktoEton launch Monday 7pm at Occupy Democracy, Parliament Square


The ‘Fuck Off Back To Eton’ for #1 launch will take place at 7pm on Monday, Parliament Square c/o Occupy Democracy.

You can hear the track below and buy it via iTunes, Spotify and others from Monday. Proceeds from sales will go to the Radical Housing Network and the Land Workers Alliance after I have given a bit of money to people who have given up their time to make the video and record the song.

itunes –**k-off-back-to-eton-single/id990963507?ls=1
spotify –

stuck on you demo with iain

i am a very happy chap to have my old musical mate Iain back from his year training to be a teacher… we had a go at demoing an old new track today about old love… here it is…

The soundcloud player seems to be having some ‘in beta’ issues with firefox at the moment. Hopefully one of the above players will work for you.

amazing grace

Ukulele lessons can be so much fun… worth noting that John was convinced he was never going to be able to play when he had his first lesson nearly a year ago now.

It is so distressing how many people have that silly ‘i can’t play music’ voice stuck permanently in their heads and so much fun helping them to overpower it.