New album launched


Well perhaps more ‘uploaded’ than ‘launched’ but what the hey… you can now hear and download it. I have just had an almond slice to celebrate.

The cd will be available in the new year, in the meantime you can order it from bandcamp and get an immediate download of the album included in the price.

It features the talents of Barbara Bartz, Iain Macleod, Joe Allen, Lawrence Williams, Ben Oliver, Beth Dariti, Madelaine Hart, Victoria Couper, Tom Pie and me. Full credits on bandcamp.

1. Younger Looking Skin 05:31
2. Till Dawn 04:21
3. I Love Leonard Cohen 04:00
4. The Suitors Ballyhoo 04:56
5. Montreal 04:38
6. Shakes & Shudders 04:59
7. Ninety Days 03:36
8. Roses From Africa 05:15