When I lived in San Francisco back in 1999 I communicated with a group of close friends via haiku and posted them to a website I ran called… this by they…


10:36 GMT -08:00 17/8/99 robin g

nicotine stained eyes
survey the crude neon
back on the road

happy meal
hypocrisy on a plate
i need more ketchup

tick tick
tick tick tick

19:38 GMT 13/8/99 hannah w

yellow plastic wire
outside the raindrop window
cold custard slices

10:32 GMT -010:00 11/8/99 robin g

another misty morning
so fast and numb
the tea bag burst

the moment was
captured in a couple of
syl la bles

rotating fan
moves the air around me
where too next?

missed the eclipse
closed my eyes

13:16 GMT -05:00 3/8/99 brian

i saw her sitting
under sodium lights that
could not hide her eyes

04:06 GMT -08:00 30/7/99 susie t

motorized wheelchair
careening paraplegic
ran right over me

18:03 GMT -08:00 26/7/99 robin g

pieces of purple
couldn’t face monday morning
kamikaze cup

cars cars cars cars cars
cars cars cars cars cars cars cars
watch the smoke rising

23:46 GMT 22/7/99 mark s

sun is shining
birds are singing
shit, there’s a tank

08:36 GMT 21/7/99 hannah w

sit on the pavement
people stare as they rush by
an outsider now.

09:39 GMT +08:00 21/7/99 robin g

head up, eyes wide shut
brain going boom boom boom boom
no doughnuts for you

english breakfast tea
(the way englishmen like it)
what a load of shit

14:52 GMT +01:00 21/7/99 david h

lost in the pictures
colouring in was boring
i wanted to paint

15:208 GMT -08:00 20/7/99 susie t

sun is shining
clock is ticking on the wall
voices in my head

boot up and turn on
world wide web superhighway
i’m strapped in and wired

i kiss you goodnight
lights out and i go to sleep
sunrise you are gone

10:08 GMT -08:00 19/7/99 robin g

some fluff on my shirt.
i did not notice it yesterday,
where did it come from?

lovely purple cup…..
but no english tea bags.
another still life.

tall shiny metal.
electric shock door handle.
in need of gloves.

11:37 GMT 16/7/99 hannah w
– i cannot stop counting syllables now (10)

haikus for robin
going to be boring as
I lack imagination

Happy and cheerful
Cheerful and happy and bright
Sitting at a screen

10:29 GMT -08:00 16/7/99 robin g

the city below.
view from leafy balcony
a grey morning mist

another week gone
and another week ahead
when will it be now?

12:45 GMT 16/7/99 david h

thanks, i enjoyed it
in a more than cliched way.
keep up the haikus.

writing my first one
a rather sensitive ten,
i couldn’t quite get the hang of it!

1:06 GMT -08:00 15/7/99 robin g

could be anywhere,
outside it’s america.
have a nice day, y’all.

how happy he looks
laughing listlessly alone.
give that man a dime.

chocolate brownie.
pick the crumbs off the wrapper,
lots of E numbers.

sitting at my square desk
surrounded by beige plastic.
think nothing of it.