album launch party

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On Friday 12th March 2010, Robin Grey and The Looking Glass Band present an evening of music featuring the talents of

Barbara Bartz on violin
Iain Macleod on banjo
Amy Bowles on bass
Joe Allen on percussion
Ben Oliver on keys

with support from Theo Bard

…think candles, cake and acoustic music.

Tea by Pukka and Yogi Chai, Banana Cake by Whole Foods and Vegan Truffles by Booja Booja

Facebook page is here.

Unit C, 25 Belfast Road, Stoke Newington, N16 6UN – from 8pm

Tree design by Caitlin Hinshelwood

New album launched


Well perhaps more ‘uploaded’ than ‘launched’ but what the hey… you can now hear and download it. I have just had an almond slice to celebrate.

The cd will be available in the new year, in the meantime you can order it from bandcamp and get an immediate download of the album included in the price.

It features the talents of Barbara Bartz, Iain Macleod, Joe Allen, Lawrence Williams, Ben Oliver, Beth Dariti, Madelaine Hart, Victoria Couper, Tom Pie and me. Full credits on bandcamp.

1. Younger Looking Skin 05:31
2. Till Dawn 04:21
3. I Love Leonard Cohen 04:00
4. The Suitors Ballyhoo 04:56
5. Montreal 04:38
6. Shakes & Shudders 04:59
7. Ninety Days 03:36
8. Roses From Africa 05:15

younger looking skin

a bit of fun in one take with two of my guitar students – not quite sure why it goes out of sync but hey… this is not hollywood…

i think this song is going to be the first track on my next album. happy days.

oh and you can download it free from here as long as you give a copy to your mum!

Joseph’s in the forest looking for the man that they call Peter.
I am in the bathroom looking for the marbles that I’ve lost.
The pig if flew out of the window, landing deftly in the garden.
Elly is in Hampstead desparately hunting for some moss.

I don’t like your fashion business, mr.
I don’t like those drugs that keep you looking so thin.
I don’t like your fashion business, mr.
I don’t need no cream to give me younger looking skin.

Ruth is down in southern spain, talking to my long long twin brother.
I just washed my eyelids and hung my blue coat high upon a cross.
The fish and spoon returned with plans for getting married in the autumn.
Jakob’s leaving puddles in the bathroom for the bugs to skate across.

Making sense of wedsnesday is only rivalled by making sense of tuesday.
Tuesday’s only rivalled by monday and perhaps sunday too.
A drink, a fuck, some luck and maybe we might keep the boat a floating.
Patching up the scars with some cardboard and some karma just might do.