more than today

Have just had a really fun 24hrs in my studio surrounded by all of my favourite microphones and instruments! I hope you enjoy this shiny new track.

How many songs have these worn heart strings still got left?
I awoke this morning off key and quite bereft but well
My pen it is still willing and the paper it receives.
We caught up with the moorhen and we joked about our dreams.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, dear you’d better stay;
I couldn’t care about you any more than I do now today.

Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait;
But who will be the judge of when the hour is getting late?
And anyway there is that other one about fish and the sea!
Pick you cliche, start the clock, compare notes over tea.

Spring it turns to summer, just as night it turns to day.
When in the autumn of our years will we opine away about
How foolish and how young we were, how little we all knew.
I love all my mistakes and well this heart it still beats true.

Actions speak louder than words but what about a song?
A most prolific muse you’ve been, I’ve toiled here late and
Long into the night, trying to make sense of all these things and more;
Like why I feel the way I do when you walk through the door.

My pen it has momentum but the day waits for no man.
There are so many things I know I’ll never understand
I’ll be here in September for the rest I cannot say.
I’m sure of change, death and taxes, sunshine and of rain.

grace 101

A little song inspired by the lovely Joanna Newsom and some of Michael Stipe’s more obscure moments…

Tell me which colour is blue –
Then stand in a line and shout “Idiot, yours truly”
Nothing compares to this feeling of flying
And gravity wants to join in for the ride.

I don’t know which one is true –
The fool and the knave they both have intuitions
But foolproof plans which require ten volumes
To explain the subtleties just don’t sound right.

I will determine the last day on earth
And I will determine what Winston was saying
So I can make way for the peach and the pear and the plum
And you cannot fault what I’ve done.

The concrete must yield to the steel
And some sun could reach me despite of the morning.
Patio living with no remote features
Could be a solution but think of the mice!

I will dig deeper than others will dare
And I will dig deeper regardless of warning
and I will make way for the peach and the pear and the plum
And you cannot fault what I’ve done…

no, no, no, no
no, no, no, no