New album launched


Well perhaps more ‘uploaded’ than ‘launched’ but what the hey… you can now hear and download it. I have just had an almond slice to celebrate.

The cd will be available in the new year, in the meantime you can order it from bandcamp and get an immediate download of the album included in the price.

It features the talents of Barbara Bartz, Iain Macleod, Joe Allen, Lawrence Williams, Ben Oliver, Beth Dariti, Madelaine Hart, Victoria Couper, Tom Pie and me. Full credits on bandcamp.

1. Younger Looking Skin 05:31
2. Till Dawn 04:21
3. I Love Leonard Cohen 04:00
4. The Suitors Ballyhoo 04:56
5. Montreal 04:38
6. Shakes & Shudders 04:59
7. Ninety Days 03:36
8. Roses From Africa 05:15

‘welcome to modifythevan’ compilation

welcome to modifythevan cover art by caitlin hinshelwood

Two of my songs, ‘These Days’ and ‘Shakes And Shudders’ are featured on the ‘welcome to modifythevan’ compilation just released by my label modifythevan. You can hear and download it from Jamendo –

With beautiful cover art by Caitlin Hinshelwood and featuring the music of  Blue Swerver, Madelaine Hart, Jonny Berliner and Richard Godwin, it is well worth a listen if you want to discover some great new artists.

arcola show this sunday

I am up in Northumberland at the moment visiting my Gran, who luckily for me is a silver surfer with a nice shiny new pc on broadband and skype next to the window by the sea. Which means I can tell you about my gig this Sunday and then go and mooch down by the picture-postcard harbour and perfect my windswept look….

The Arcola Theatre in Dalston have been kind enough to let me take over their foyer this coming Sunday for a little mini-launch of my new cd titled ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’.

Music will start at 6pm with a set from the wonderful Madelaine Hart ( – I have just finished recording her ace debut cd and she has contributed some lovely backing vocals to ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’.

I will be on around 7pm and will be joined by Iain and Geri, wielding banjo, dulcimer, bass, percussion toys, violin and other things with strings… we will be done by 8pm so it is not too late for a school night or a cross London trip!

You can download the mp3 of ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’ from this site – please practice the outro backing vocals so we can all have a nice big sing-a-long on sunday 🙂

Sunday, November 2, 2008
6:00pm – 8.00pm – cost £5/£2 concs
The Arcola, 27 Arcola Street, Dalston, London, UK E8 2DJ

Be well