A new recording of an old song

My song ‘The Suitor’s Ballyhoo’ was written over a decade ago but I’ve never been happy with previous attempts to recording it. I am super happy that last week in my new Sheffield studio I managed to land a version which comes much closer to how I always felt the song should feel.

Earlier this week, I was sat on a train to Coventry and felt a slow motion of the passing view shot on my phone would work rather nicely to accompany the song. I hope you agree and enjoy the new recording…

Boat photoshoot with Stefano Padoan

I’ve been in conversation with an amazing visual artist, photographer and musician called Stefano Padoan about some future collaborations. He came down to my boat last week for a cuppa and he so loved the setting he got his camera out and a spontaneous photo-shoot ensued.

Do have a peek at his website http://www.stefanopadoan.com and consider him for any photography work you may need.

Some new music – Woodman, Spare That Tree

The more observant of you will have noticed a slow down in my creative output since things took off with Three Acres And A Cow.

I’m looking forward to redressing the balance this year and here is the first fruits of that; a recording of ‘Woodman, Spare That Tree’ which will be on my forthcoming album ‘From The Ground Up’.

Pedal Folk harvest tour – Stroud, Bristol, Bath, Salisbury, Winchester, Steep – September

Pedal Folk promo medium strip

I am back in the saddle with Pedal Folk next month for a weeks harvest tour taking us from Stroud to Petersfield via Bristol, Bath, Salisbury and Winchester. We have two brilliant new musicians joining us for the tour… Naomi Wilkins on flute and Clarissa Carlyon on cello.

House concert – Stroud – 14/09/15 – please contact for an invite
Roll for the Soul – Bristol – 15/09/15 – https://www.facebook.com/events/1634057320211782/
St Monica’s Chapel – Bristol – 15/09/15 (lunchtime concert) – please contact for an invite
Up In The Gallery – The Bath Brew House – Bath – 16/09/15 – https://www.facebook.com/events/1615820018696645/
River Bourne Community Farm – Salisbury – 17/09/15
The Hyde Tavern – Winchester – 18/09/15 – https://www.facebook.com/events/904859699551918/
Steep Church – Petersfield – 19/09/15

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