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Fense Post

…a hidden treasure of the European underground … (Strangers With Shoes is) a thing of complete and utter beauty.

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Catching The Waves

…in case I haven’t made myself clear, Robin Grey has talent coming out of his ears.

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I can’t help but just be thankful to be aliveI’ll probably keep (Strangers With Shoes) on repeat for about three weeks.

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Music Liberation

Strangers With Shoes is about to enjoy an extended residency on my ipod play list this year …(Robin’s) every day commentary of normal life inject a refreshing shot of energy into a genre which can sometimes get bogged down with too much heavy emotion and feelings.

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fensepost feature

Fensepost did a featured artist article on me a few weeks back which I am going to take the liberty of printing below

After last years wonderful EP release, I Love Leonard Cohen, the time has come for London’s Robin Grey to go all out and show why he is truly one of the greatest hidden treasures in the European underground. Hard at work on his sophomore full length release due this fall (follow up to 2007’s Only The Missile), this man seems to be at his best. The transformation of his character is more than impressive. It would certainly not be premature to say that he is at the top of his game.

The charming track “Younger Looking Skin” spills out from his veins like a severed history. He sings to the fools, the damned, and the loved. With every word, every sound composed, he speaks of only the truth on the matters of life that often go unnoticed and the travesties of inadequacies. The most beautiful part of a Robin Grey song is the power of understanding you can feel without actually relate to his experiences at all. Just crack open your finest four dollar wine, and suffer through life with the greatest of ease. Mr. Grey can help you through it all.

Wow. Someone likes my music then. Thanks Ron. The original can be found here – http://www.fensepost.com/main/2009/07/17/robin-grey-feature-artist/

fensepost review

I just got home from the streets of London to discover a truly lovely review from a US blog called fensepost which I have printed in full below as it made my day…

‘Here is an artist that seems to revel in acoustic sweetness. London’s Robin Grey invites you into his coffee shop friendly world on his latest release. “I Love Leonard Cohen” is a five-track EP so splendid Mr. Cohen himself should be more than honored to have such a talented fan. Anyone looking for a fun-filled depressive state, look no further.

Grey reminisces of greater times on the title track “I Love Leonard Cohen”. This is a masterful folk bit paying a strange tribute to anyone with a regretful memory, as well as simple odes to Meat Loaf, Jeff Buckley, R.E.M., and, more so than others, outplayed Weezer CDs. The blindingly smooth “Shakes and Shudders” is a beautiful backdrop while reading Kerouac’s tale of strength defying times at Desolation Peak – calm, beautiful, and a bit resentful of the pretentious normalcy.

Robin Grey will not need to do too much to prove himself an incendiary artist in the world of folk music. His calmly exquisite mannerisms seem to bring you back to a simpler time and place, whenever you want it to be. There is literature in his words. And “I Love Leonard Cohen” is a beautiful story, desperate to be told.’

taken from http://www.fensepost.com/main/?p=1439