arcola show this sunday

I am up in Northumberland at the moment visiting my Gran, who luckily for me is a silver surfer with a nice shiny new pc on broadband and skype next to the window by the sea. Which means I can tell you about my gig this Sunday and then go and mooch down by the picture-postcard harbour and perfect my windswept look….

The Arcola Theatre in Dalston have been kind enough to let me take over their foyer this coming Sunday for a little mini-launch of my new cd titled ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’.

Music will start at 6pm with a set from the wonderful Madelaine Hart ( – I have just finished recording her ace debut cd and she has contributed some lovely backing vocals to ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’.

I will be on around 7pm and will be joined by Iain and Geri, wielding banjo, dulcimer, bass, percussion toys, violin and other things with strings… we will be done by 8pm so it is not too late for a school night or a cross London trip!

You can download the mp3 of ‘I Love Leonard Cohen’ from this site – please practice the outro backing vocals so we can all have a nice big sing-a-long on sunday 🙂

Sunday, November 2, 2008
6:00pm – 8.00pm – cost £5/£2 concs
The Arcola, 27 Arcola Street, Dalston, London, UK E8 2DJ

Be well


i love leonard cohen

What’s in that box? What’s hiding in here?
Pictures from Bedford, taken half a blue moon ago.
My we were young then, all mix-tapes and alcopops,
Bum bags, shell suits and meatloaf cds.

Did I really dress like that and dance to that tune?
Then stumble home drunk by the light of the moon.
Guess times they change and the change times they guess,
And nonsense can still be a welcome relief.

My Weezer cd’s well they hardly get played,
My obsession with Ani Difranco has faded,
You might ask is anything sacred these days,
And I’d probably tell you that I love Leonard Cohen.

A snail carries with him some slime and a shell,
I have ten boxes plus cartons as well
As these books, bags and a case
My grandfather used in the war.

Did I really write those words
And did she write back?
Stray hands in Row G all through that James Bond film.
Nonsense it still has a welcoming ring,
And heroes they never don’t come easy.