’till dawn’ video from somerset

Whilst down in Somerset on an evening off from gigging we had a lovely night in at Caitlin’s folks place, messing about with a camera and a bottle of red wine. Here is a recording of Till Dawn from that session.

Recorded at The Old Chapel, Kilmersdon in Somerset, on 3rd March 2012 – watch on youtube
Featuring Candy Parfitt on backing vocals, Caitlin Roberts on accordion and Basia Bartz on violin

graeme’s videos

Whilst filming the video for Mariam’s Cake on tuesday a few passersby stopped for a little light serenading…
Lucy and Mike are filming us from a boat on the river below. Thanks to Graeme Hind for his little films.

youtube video which made me smile

I have had ‘make a music video’ on my to do list for ages now – one of the things holding me back is that quite a few people seem to be doing it for me.

This video got sent to me this morning and it made me happy – i have no idea who they are but i love the amount of smiling going on!