song, by toad – toadcast #261 – the suncast

Matthew, aka Song, By Toad, was the first blogger to say something nice about my music on the world wide web and part of the inspiration for me to (perhaps foolishly?!) keep dedicating ridiculous amounts of time to making music.

His blog continues to be a cornerstone of the uk independent music scene and you would do well to point your eyes and ears in his direction here –

I was chuffed to pieces that he played my song Mariams Cake in his most recent podcast on mixcloud. Have a listen below if you fancy…

Toadcast #261 – The Suncast by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

rec movie trailer

I randomly just found out that my music was used in the trailer for this 2011 korean gay film called REC.

Half a million people have watched the youtube trailer… I wish they had asked me first and possibly even licensed the damn song!

I am just dropping them a line now to say hello and see if they have anything to say for themselves…

#confused #showmethemoney