golden hour ‘infused and bemused’ tour

Ok, so in a couple of weeks time I am going to be touring around the south of England in the van pictured below with my brilliant poet genius of a friend Ryan Van Winkle and some other joyous people such as Garance Louis.

I am joining the bus from Leeds.

This is all in the name of some ‘Gorilla Perfume‘ mischief organised by Lush who make ethical cosmetics and whose soap I often used before I moved onto a boat, became a smelly hippy and generally stopped washing (too much information, ed.)

No idea what exactly I have let myself in for but we are going to be doing loads of gigs in venues around the country and in the tiny van below… and I genuinely approve of Lush a company and always say yes to anything Ryan asks me to do (do you really mean that? ed.)


my songs being used to help deaf people enjoy music

My songs are being used to help deaf people with cochlear implants get enjoyment from music again.

I am not sure how long this BBC video piece will be live but it is quite a fun 60 seconds…

A computer-based music rehabilitation programme has been launched to help deaf people hear music more clearly.

Developed at the University of Southampton it allows deaf people to pick out the individual sounds of musical instruments which they often find difficult.

The Institute of Sound and Vibration Research has spent two years working with patients from the South of England Cochlear Implant Centre to create the programme.