youtube video which made me smile

I have had ‘make a music video’ on my to do list for ages now – one of the things holding me back is that quite a few people seem to be doing it for me.

This video got sent to me this morning and it made me happy – i have no idea who they are but i love the amount of smiling going on!


I have just confirmed a slot providing the post-speakers music at TEDx next Sunday at London Zoo in Regents Park – I am totally chuffed to be involved in anything to do with the awesome TED movement. For those of you not in the know go here and feed your mind –

Details about the event are here –¬† – I am playing after the speakers at 6pm with Jane and Basia on accordion, flute and violin.

If you have not seen this video please watch it – this guy is a total hero of mine and encapsulates everything that I love about TED –