Let’s take a trip down Somerset Island,
Across the mainland to Hudson Bay.
We’ll take a boat across the water
Down to Montreal.

Taking our time we’ll cross the border
And be in New York for christmas day.
We’ll meet the friends we made in Philadelphia
In Florida sometime in May.

I’d escape across the sea,
If you would come with me to Montreal.
I would run away
If I thought it possible at all.

Let’s take a boat from Norway
Sail north across the Barents Sea.
We’ll spend some time in Anderma
And take a train across Russia.

I would gather sweat and dust,
If that is what I must do to get away.
I wouldn’t care of others views,
Lets wear out all our shoes in vain.

Let’s drink tea in China,
Let’s drink coffee by the Arabian Sea,
Let’s go walking in the water
But only up to our knees.

So I’m sitting in my room,
Pencil in my hand,
Drawing lines on the wall,
On my map of the world.
I couldn’t be in Rio by tomorrow
Even though its an inch from my nose.

Looks like it’s Brighton or Moorgate for us.
Call in sick on tuesday.
I’d be happy walking on the beach alone,
You’ve got money, could go anywhere at all.

I would sail across the sea
If you would come with me to Montreal.
I would run away if I thought it possible at all.

i love leonard cohen

What’s in that box? What’s hiding in here?
Pictures from Bedford, taken half a blue moon ago.
My we were young then, all mix-tapes and alcopops,
Bum bags, shell suits and meatloaf cds.

Did I really dress like that and dance to that tune?
Then stumble home drunk by the light of the moon.
Guess times they change and the change times they guess,
And nonsense can still be a welcome relief.

My Weezer cd’s well they hardly get played,
My obsession with Ani Difranco has faded,
You might ask is anything sacred these days,
And I’d probably tell you that I love Leonard Cohen.

A snail carries with him some slime and a shell,
I have ten boxes plus cartons as well
As these books, bags and a case
My grandfather used in the war.

Did I really write those words
And did she write back?
Stray hands in Row G all through that James Bond film.
Nonsense it still has a welcoming ring,
And heroes they never don’t come easy.


august news

Hey Hey

I hope all is well with your summer. I am finally back and have the use of my hands again after three months of being nearly wholly dependent on others to work and play. Quite a humbling experience.

To ease me back into gigging I have a couple of shows coming up – firstly at The Basket Club in Brixton next Monday 18th at The Windmill and then at The Musician in Leceister on Wednesday 27th.

I am going to do both the shows solo as it has been ages since I last played on my tod and have some spangly new tunes which I am dead excited about performing.

(FYI – hmmmm… apparently ‘on my tod’ – By myself. Alone. Rhyming slang from Tod Sloan, the name of an American jockey – so now we know)

I have had some lovely things written about my music and album recently including my first interview. See the ‘reviews’ and ‘interviews’ blog catagories to see them and have a read.

Lastly, Iain and I recently worked out a banjo and guitar arrangement of my favourite Sparklehorse song called ‘Happy Man’ which can be seen here.

Right enough clicky clicky, time for some strummy strummy.

Best wishes