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I enjoy teaching a range of instruments and subjects including maths, science, guitar, ukulele, songwriting, music recording and bass guitar.

My youngest student has been 2 and my oldest 72. I will leave you to guess which one of them cried at the end of each lesson because they didn’t want to leave!

Feel free to contact me via O793O 41O28O or via the form below

One thought on “tuition

  1. Hi Robin- interested in takling some guitar lessons. I can play and have reasonable level of rhythmn but cant sing and play at the same time ( if you could call it singing)

    I have access to an acoustic and electric fender and have taken up the guitar again after a renaissance of Blur tracks and the brilliant Good, Bad and the Queen.

    I would consider myself at intermediate level but would like guidance to improve my technique whilst being able to learn scales to combine with chord playing.

    How much do you charge, is it by the hour and would I come to you?

    Many thanks,

    Dan Speight