december gigs in essex, oxford and crouch end

So I should probably be starting to hibernate by now but the year has thrown up a little flurry of winter gigs in Essex, Oxford and Crouch End. I will be performing with Chance and Candy on violin and backing vocals respectively..

The Essex show on Friday 6th December is for a much loved promoter who books me for gigs in libraries, gardens, town centres and …this time …the local RAF Club… awesome. More info <here>.

Then Saturday 14th December at a beautiful old pavilion surrounded by green in Oxford – info <here> ***please note this show has been postponed to 2014***

…and finally on Sunday 15th¬†December this lovely weekly event in Crouch End – info <here>

softly softly crouch end Dec15a



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john hegley pops by the studio

Robin Grey and John Hegley

This week I contributed ukulele parts to a Christmas single being recorded by a community choir in Hackney and the choristers from St Paul’s Cathedral along with some other folk.

John Hegley popped by this morning to record the rap in the middle eight and decided to stay for a cheeky jam. A nice way to start the weekend…

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before the gold rush, october gig in crouch end


I’ve just confirm a show at a cosy spot in Crouch End called The Haberdashery for the lovely London promoters ‘Before The Gold Rush‘ on Wednesday 2nd October.

It will be the first London sit down gig type thing with a wonderful Canadian violinist called ‘Chance’ I met busking a few weeks ago – we have been out and about doing a few festivals so should be nicely rehearsed by October. Candy is joining us so there may possibly be some three part harmonies… #excited

Here is the facebook page Р and the link to buy tickets Р



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time for some more pedal folk

hurrah! it is nearly time for the next pedal folk – getting a bit more ambitious this time too so a few more miles to be cycled…
…find out more about our adventures via

Summer tour small 2

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photos from leigh

Here are a few choice pictures from our epic weekend at Leigh Folk Festival – still my favourite festival of the year and this years was a stonker.

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‘stir’ magazine launch at unpackaged

STIR is an excellent website and magazine that is well worth a read and unpackaged is a shop I love, selling loads of lovely loose goods including the jumbo oats I have for breakfast every day.

These two are combining next week for STIR’s summer edition magazine launch and I will joining them, singing a few songs around 7pm. Do come if you are in the area, see flyer below for more details.

My friend Naomi wrote a lovely article for STIR which can be found online here – She is super inspiring and it is a good piece which I highly commend to your eyes and brain.


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canary wharf g8 protest

I was sent this lovely photo from the gig I did at Canary Wharf during the G8 protest there last Friday 14th June.

It is the first time I have had the privilege of speaking and singing at a protest and it was an amazing experience. I taught a few songs about equality and challenging unjust laws including Sydney Carter’s song ‘John Ball’ and ‘The Manchester Rambler’ by Ewan MacColl.

Community work I do in Hackney involves me working with the police so it felt sad and strange to be surrounded by them trying to look as intimidating as they possibly can.

Many of the rights that we take for granted now such as the right to vote, the right to roam, the NHS and many others were won by people taking to the streets and I would encourage you to attend a rally or protest if you can, so many brilliant and inspiring minds attend them, not at all the masked hoards of hooded vandals and wrong-doers that the media and government want you to believe. It is important that we find our voices before we lose much of what our forefathers won for us.

I was on after UK Uncut, a grassroots movement taking action to highlight alternatives to the government’s spending cuts and just before Pete The Temp, a musician and poet who really knows how to get a crowd going. Both of them are brilliant and deserve your attention.

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leigh folk festival 2013

I am totally chuffed to be playing at The Leigh Folk Festival this summer. I went along last year to see my disgustingly talented friend Tim Graham play and had an absolute blast.

It is the biggest free folk festival in Britain; a super fun long weekend by the sea with music taking over the whole of the town.

I will be playing at 11.55am on Sunday 30th June and be joined by at least two other brilliant musicians and maybe more if i am lucky.

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pedal folk tour

Wow, that was the best musical experience of my life.

We just cycled from Bath to Oxford gigging on the way with stop offs in Bristol and Swindon – pure unadulterated joy.

More please….

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the music box

Occasionally a promoter asks if I want to do a gig that is quite a bit in the future…

…top prize this year goes to The Music Box who run a lovely monthly night in Shoreditch.

They just booked me to play in January 2014. Lovely, I should have written a few new songs by then!

So unless you already have plans, might I suggest that you put 8th January 2014 in your diary.

Paper Dress Vintage, 114-116 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AH

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